Summer 2014 Note Cards

Blue Crabs, Beetles, and Edge Painting

Hi everyone! We are slowly rolling out our Summer note cards and stationery sets this month! The designs are printed from engraved blocks and handmade drawings turned into printing plates. 

This is our "Blue Crab" note card. The crab is printed in a deep blue on Cranes Lettra paper. It is blank inside and comes paired with a Kraft brown envelope. The crab block was engraved last month during a relaxing trip to the beach.

The "Blue Crab" block being engraved!

These are our "hello" note cards. They are printed on very heavy 220lb Lettra paper in 5 colors. Each flat card is edge painted to match the lettering on it.

These come in a set of 5 cards, one in each color, with Kraft brown envelopes.

A peek at the Kelsey press while printing the "hello" cards! Love that Plum color! 

Detail of the edge painting. 

Here are some of the Pumpkin Orange color cards drying in our Slinky drying rack!

Fat Stacks!

This is the "Scarab Beetle" note card. The image was also engraved and the block was printed in black on these blank A2 cards. They are also paired with Kraft brown envelopes.

Beetle City


We are also working on some new engravings of 3 other stag beetles and a cicada, along with some fun Thank You note card sets!! Hope you're enjoying the warm weather!