Spring 2014 Stationery Line

Cards & Swear Words!

We released our Spring line this past week! It is a colorful mix of note cards and a small print that are getting a great response so far! Both presses were used for the actual printing, which went quickly and surprisingly without any issues!

This is our "Ship In a Bottle" note card. It is an A2 size card printed in Navy Blue ink on 110lb Cranes Lettra paper.

This guy is also an A2 sized card. The Turquoise ink is printed on 110lb Cranes Letttra, whereas the Charcoal Grey is printed on 100lb Kraft Cover stock. The "You Got This" was hand drawn lettering we had made into a plate for printing.

This is our first small full color print we've made. The lettering for "Quit Slackin & Make Shit Happen" was taken from old type block designs and made into a printing plate.

And then we made these guys. A very simple concept, these are cream colored note cards that so subtly have "Go Fuck Yourself" pressed into them! The lettering was hand drawn and made into a printing plate, which we printed using our etching press for an intensely deep impression. Like 3-D deep! They are on a classic cream stationary paper and come in a set of 5 with matching envelopes!

 Printing the "You Got This" cards on the Kelsey press. This turquoise we mixed up is my new favorite color.

 The "Ship in a Bottle" plate locked up on the Kelsey press. 

This is a picture of the Ship cards drying in our "Slinky Drying rack"! I swear I did not invent this idea. A Slinky is stretched along a piece of 2x4 and stapled into place, creating a drying rack that holds 70 pieces of paper or cards. 

This image comes from a drawing I created and had made into a polymer plate for printing. Each of these guys come with a dark charcoal envelope from French Paper Mill.

We printed these using a process called "Split Fountain", in which the ink is bright green on one end of the brayer and dark teal on the other. They naturally blend in the middle to make a gradation. Each print has a slightly different color blend because they were each inked by hand one at a time!  

Inking up the plate. 

Drying Time

We achieved a nice deep impression on these using the etching press! 

All of these new cards and our new print are available in our Etsy store.  Check them out! We are already cooking up some new ideas for Summer!