We love showing the process of what we do. Our Instagram is filled with short how to letterpress videos and shots of engravings as they come along.

Recently, we decided we wanted to make more in-depth videos and have them be in high resolution without the time restraints of Instagram. So, here we go!

There are a few videos posted already with many more to come. We get super backed up with projects all year but we're going to make an effort to have some fun with our YouTube channel!

So, take a look HERE! ! Hit the "subscribe" button and let us know what you think!  Our URL is a bunch of random letters and numbers because YouTube won't give us a "/spoffordpress" URL until we have 100 subscribers. Kinda weird. So get your friends to subscribe too!! 

The easiest way to find us is to just do a search for "Spofford Press" and we pop up!