This engraving was started in late 2016 and is the 1st printed edition of the new year! It was chosen by The Alaskan Wilderness League as 1 of 12 prints that will be included in a traveling exhibition throughout the United States over the next 2 years! Check out INK FOR ALASKA to find out more! 

This blog will show some of the steps, from 1st sketch to final print!


Here's the final sketch.

Transferred the drawing to a Resingrave engraving block.

I spent a lot of time on the sky engraving all of the thin straight tint lines early on.

The finished block!

Here is the block about to be inked. The large blocks on each side of it act as rails. When rolling ink onto the surface of the Caribou block, the brayer rolls along the edges of the 2 rails preventing over inking and smudges on the Caribou.

This is the inked block locked into the printing press. This wooden frame keeps the block very tight so nothing moves when it rolls under the press wheel with the paper on it. It makes for a crisp print with no smudges on the paper from the block shifting.

Here's one of the 1st prints pulled off of the block. It was a little light, but after adjusting the ink consistency and getting a solid black, I started the final print edition.

The edition drying in the printshop.

Here is the final print in all it's glory!

This block printed very easily, which is not always the case. The final edition is 50 S&N prints. Image is 3x6 in. printed on a 6x9 in. piece of German Zerkall Paper.

They are available in our Etsy Shop right...


Matted and framed in an 8x10 frame!


Our personal holiday card is almost always an engraving printed on thinner card stock and sent to family and friends. This year I printed about 80.

The sketch always starts with an idea my wife has, which becomes a doodle and eventually a loose drawing. This years idea was our front porch. 

This is a 3x4 inch  Resingrave block. 

Actual engraving took about 8 hours. I went a little wild with all the tight tiny lines that make up the walls of the house. 



These actually printed with very little difficulty. Like a Christmas present from the Print Gods...

And here's the final card. These were printed on cream colored 90 lb. card stock with matching envelopes. I letterpress printed our return address on the envelopes as well.

Wishing You a Very Wonderful Holiday Season and and Fantastic New Year! We have so much planned at Spofford Press for 2017!

Be safe! Have fun!