Happy Holidays!

We had such a wonderful year! Thank you to everyone who has supported us and connected with us! I wanted to share with you some of the process steps to making our personal Christmas cards this year.

We started with the idea of a small New England vignette, the classic image of a small lot selling Christmas trees for the season. Ive always loved the hanging lights above the trees and the quickly written signs. I started with a sketch, and transferred it to a small block of Resingrave.

I then inked the drawing and then lightly stained the blocks surface so I could see my lines as I engraved them.

I really love old wood engravings that are the shape of the actual tree round they are carved on. I wanted to play with that idea and have a rounded border, as opposed to my usual rectangular block.

I engraved a while, and proofed the block a few times throughout the process to see what needed addition work. Near the end, I cleared out all around the rounded shape so the block would print correctly.

Inking the block

They were printed in cool black ink on classic cream card stock, envelope to match.

Here's wishing you a wonderful Holiday and prosperous New Year! I have a lot of projects planned for 2016, and I am hoping to focus more on making some new engravings. This year was all about kick starting our stationery line, which is off and running, but I only made one stand alone engraving, "The Screech Owl", this past February. We'll still be printing new neon cards and killer little prints, but I would love to focus on more art engravings as well!

Cheers from all of us at Spofford Press!!!